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Graphic Design Services

mckennan park.jpg

This world needs better design, and I'm taking on the challenge one client at a time.

My clients are diverse, and I have found that the best first step for a good design is to listen. My responsibility is to make sure that the client's vision and my understanding of that vision are one in the same. Without understanding the client's needs, a good design still fails.


Secondly, my job is to help with ideation. I enjoy developing ideas and seeing them through to fruition.

The marriage of art and text to convey a particular message and feeling is the very definition of graphic design. It is at the heart of my designs for the client.

Badgerstock IV gig poster - 11x17.png
poster 2022.jpg
poster final5 (RGB).jpg

Badgerfest is a local event celebrating poetry and music and the life of Badger Clark, South Dakota's first poet laureate. After designing the logo, I designed a poster for the event that paid homage to Hatch Show Print. 9th Street Designs was happy to assist with the designs and the merch.

Cathedral postcard - 4x6.jpg
State Theatre postcard - 4x6.jpg
Old Courthouse Museum postcard - 4x6.jpg

My love of vintage ephemera was expressed with these three posters I was commissioned to design by Siouxland Heritage Museums and marketed at the Old Court House Museum gift shop. They follow the style of the WPA posters of the '30s and '40s and are influenced by the Art Deco movement.

our house wpa style (RGB) - 5x7.jpg

Our home in the Cathedral Historic District in Sioux Falls became the subject of another design project.

The Art Deco-influenced design (left) was the idea that sprang from my wife looking for a "fresh" look to the family Christmas postcard in 2018.

I've been fortunate to connect with many area organizers and running clubs.


I sometimes put pen to paper to create illustrations for logos and t-shirts designs.


Some of my design efforts and products support good causes, such as these running buffs (right) donated to Girls on the Run. Thanks in part to Embe and the Sioux Falls Running Club.

Pound the Mound2 (RGB) PNG.png
buff proof2.PNG
Glacier Hills Ultra (RGB, PNG).png

Many of my designs come from working with local gifts shops looking for unique local flare. These designs find themselves on stickers, mugs, t-shirts and posters.

t-shirt artwork draft2e.jpg
good earth.png
bison sioux falls, sd.jpg
SD trails.jpg
pitch your tent.jpg

A logo is important to building YOUR business brand. I take logo creation seriously. 

Tines and Lines logo (RGB).jpg
Dry Creek Ranch logo - final (white back
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