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Can you put my logo on that?


I have some innovative clients who challenge me to create designs for unconventional this snowboard or custom-made fire pits.


My task is to design, create and find ways to solve a client's request.

Every project is important to me because it is always important to the client. This includes everything from name tags and business cards to barbecue grills and custom coolers.


Taking a client's idea from concept to a final product and deliver it on time and on budget is the hallmark of 9th Street Designs.

Working in production and design in the promotional products industry for more than  20 years has given me the background and skillset to problem solve and understand what can be accomplished.

Promotional products are everywhere. But the most effective ones need to have a thoughtful design or, at the very least, be pleasing to the eye. They should also be functional.


Your brand cannot make an impact if the product does not perform its basic function. I create effective design. I create products that are not only usefull, but work well as a promotional product, such as the full color tumblers and golf balls on the left.

9th Street Designs has provided a wide range of products for a variety of local clients. Some of those products are listed below.

   Cushioned Coolers

   Copper Mugs



       Champagne Sabers

   Patio Umbrellas

   Winter Hats


   Custom Kitchenware

   Pub Mirrors

   Embroidered Caps



   Tradeshow Banners

 Custom-Designed Ceramic Mugs

 and Enamel Mugs

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R Wine bar cap2b.png
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